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Growing up, a typical morning breakfast in our home consisted of a bowl of your favorite cereal with milk and a one-a-day vitamin. The only breakfast actually ever”cooked” was on Christmas morning after the gifts had been opened. My dad would make a … Continue reading

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The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!!!

Ahhh the weather has cooled some, the days are growing shorter, even the tree outside my bedroom window has started to show signs of fall with a few changing leaves. It is September and with September comes the most wonderful … Continue reading

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Parent’s Pride!!!

As a parent I feel as if I am always wondering how I am doing with raising my kids. I would only venture to guess that most parents wonder the same thing…how does the world perceive my child? I know … Continue reading

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“Cumin” Get It!

So last night I attended a “Chili Cook-Off” at my sister’s parish down in Bucks County Pennsylvania. There were 25 submissions in all and both my sister’s and mine were entries numbers 9 and 10 respectively. Being the true critic … Continue reading

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Are you Kidding me?

OK…the kids have been off way too much this year since the Christmas break. Between all the snow days and the “observances”, my kids are simply done with school. Michael was home for two days in the beginning of the … Continue reading

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My Girl is Growing Up!

Last evening I was feeling the beginning of what I thought might be the flu. I was achy with chills and didn’t feel like doing much of anything. “Gracie”, I said, “Would you mind making the meatballs for dinner tonight. I’m … Continue reading

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If I had a reality TV show what would it be?

Ha…the question posed by Word Press as the topic of the day!!! First, let me say that any mom out there reading this would think out loud…”Well welcome to my world! My life is a freaking reality show!!! Take the challenge … Continue reading

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