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My seven year old is walking briskly around the kitchen island. He also has a fist full of carrots in his hands. I asked him what he was doing. “Exercising” he replied “Excerising…why” “Because I am getting fat.” he answered … Continue reading

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To Catch the Tooth Fairy

Last evening Michael came home from Boy Scouts all excited because he had lost yet another tooth! So the baby tooth was wrapped up in a little plastic baggy and as my husband was putting Michael to bed, Michael whispered to Chris that he … Continue reading

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Leaning Tower of Treesa

OK…I have to share this with you because I am sure that I am not the only person this has happened to…yesterday afternoon as I was shooting a few pictures of my living room all decorated for Christmas, and I thought I noticed … Continue reading

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Kim’s New Living Room

Now that my sister and I are all grown up it has become increasingly more difficult to buy birthday and Christmas presents for one another. So last year for Christmas, and her birthday which falls in January, she asked me to … Continue reading

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Hi, My Name is Barbara…

Last evening when my husband came home he surprised me with a bunch of flowers to commemorate the 10th anniversary of an email I sent to him. You see we met on an internet dating site and it was 10 … Continue reading

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Happy Father’s Day to my Dad!

A father carries pictures where his money used to be.  ~Author Unknown Dear Dad, I want to thank you for all the sacrifices you made as I was growing up. Sacrifices in order to make sure that I had a roof … Continue reading

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And then there were two…One Dog’s Crime!

I am convinced that God makes children and dogs cute as a way of ensuring their survival here in their earthly lives. How many times has either of them driven you to the point where you actually think you are … Continue reading

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