My take on the Upcoming Fall Programming!

Ok…haven’t talked about TV for some time now and that I am truly overdue on this topic!

I think what is prompting me to write this is the fact that as of today is this abyss of TV shows airing between the end of the summer specials and the beginning of the new fall season, is completely driving me freaking nuts!! There is simply nothing on TV worth watching! Ok I will admit that I have been sneaking in repeat episodes of “Glee” and “Raising Hope“, but God despite the repeats my TV viewing week these days are a bust!!! In a desperate attempt to be entertained I have jumped back to the TCM and AMC channels and admittedly have been pleasantly surprised. But really folks, I want the new season to start not in 2 weeks but NOW.  And PLEASE I am not a TV junkie by any means…my viewing time has pretty much been relegated to the time the kids get ready for bed, 8pm, until the crazy hour of about 10pm! That’s it…2 hours per day, and if I am going to moderate my television viewing like I moderate what I eat in the way of calories…I WANT SOMETHING GOOD!!!

So what do I see on the horizon that may be of interest to me? First up…”New Girl” on Fox really appeals to me after watching the promos. I like the main character Jess, who’s humor seems to lie in her inescapable and completely nerdish honesty. The premise also appears to be quite interesting too although a wee bit reminiscent of the 70’s show “Three’s Company”…with that being said, we will see how it fares.

I am also looking forward to this season’s “Dancing with the Stars”! Hey most stars I never know going into the season…but hell it’s going to be interesting to see the likes of fashion guru Carson Kressley go up against former district attorney prosecutor Nancy Grace!

Two shows I have enjoyed last season are “Castle” and “Bones”…yes it’s the weird nurse thing in me that draws me to the forensic medical shows! Remember Quincy M.E.? I loved that program and Jack Klugman! And although I was once a huge fan of Hugh Laurie and “House”, the story lines in the past few seasons have left me a bit, I don’t know…bored! The writers have departed too far from what made the show enjoyable for me. Somewhere along the line “House” jumped the shark and I’d be rather surprised if it was renewed for a ninth season in 2012 -2013.

And although I have been slacking in my viewership of “Desperate Housewives” over the past year or two, I know that I am going to miss the Sunday night 9pm slot being filled with the antics of Gabby,  and ahh who ever  else is on that show! But in its place will be the new ABC program “Pan Am”…I love anything to do with the mid 20th century genre, which brings me to “Mad Men“. This is a program several of my close friends said I should check out…the problem for me is that no one was able to give me a time or channel! So this summer I checked it out on On Demand…and you know what…my friends are right! I will be on board with the new season…and now I do know where to find it…do you?

And last but not least I will be tuning in to the new season of “The Bachelor” with Ben Flajnik (Ashley’s season) as season sixteen’s next bachelor. Sorry I can’t help it…it’s like rubbernecking at a train wreck, just gotta stick my head out the window for a nice long look.

So there you have it, agree or disagree, that’s the way I see it! Good luck to all the networks and this fall’s programs. I suppose we will see who succeeds and who fails after the “November Sweeps”.  And may the best programs…those being the ones I like…WIN!



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I am a stay-at-home mom living in Hunterdon county NJ and I take care of my husband, two children and a great big giant black dog! This blog is a combination of snip-its from my daily life as a mom along with some of my thoughts on various mom and life related topics!
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One Response to My take on the Upcoming Fall Programming!

  1. I watched the free pilot episode of New Girl a couple of days ago. From the synopsis I doubted I would be able to watch it, especially when I read Zooey’s best friend is a ‘model’. I figured it was typical stereotyped fair. But I was actually really amusing mostly because the acting is great, the casting is great and the script is really well done. Hopefully the season will be as good as the pilot! I would definitely recommend it 🙂

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