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Marathon Update…

What a difference a couple of days can make. On Friday I was so wiped out I could barely get off the freakin’ couch, and today I was able to get a 5.5 mile run done despite the fact that the … Continue reading

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Hot Dog in a Nutshell!

OK…yesterday was Carnival day for my kids at Sumer Rec. I gave both children 3 dollars to spend on a snack while at the carnival for 3 hours. Guess how each child decided to spend their money. “Grace…any change?” “No … Continue reading

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Parent’s Pride!!!

As a parent I feel as if I am always wondering how I am doing with raising my kids. I would only venture to guess that most parents wonder the same thing…how does the world perceive my child? I know … Continue reading

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The Beautiful Life…

I received this email today from a friend  who is at her apartment in Italy. She and her children apparently arrived there to find that the place was being used by some uninvited guest. She is extremely colorful as she … Continue reading

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