A Job for Buster!

I had to laugh this morning. I always seem to end up spending at least 10 to 15 minutes each morning trying to coerce my son and daughter out of bed. Well today I finally had to enlist the help of my four legged 90 pound canine to pry these two out of their respective states of slumber.

 After a rather fruitless effort on my part in trying to get my kids out of bed, I said to Buster in a rather quiet voice to “Go upstairs and wake up Michael and Grace”. Buster promptly sprang to his feet and trotted up the steps and made the left into Michael’s room where both kids slept last night. He ran across the room and hurled himself onto Michael’s bed and then immediately jumped off his bed and leapt onto the bed Grace was in and started to lick her face. Grace woke up laughing hysterically. Then the Bust jumped back onto Michael’s bed but this time it was only so he could chew on the big stuffed dog that lives there. It was all too funny to watch. And for the first time in a long time, not including weekends in which they are out of bed by 6:30 am., my kids were up and out of bed by 7:15 am!!!

 So now Buster has a new job, to wake up those two sleepy heads on school days…and now I get to take a few more sips of my morning cup of Joe before the troops hit the kitchen!!!

 To “the Bust!”


About bacurran

I am a stay-at-home mom living in Hunterdon county NJ and I take care of my husband, two children and a great big giant black dog! This blog is a combination of snip-its from my daily life as a mom along with some of my thoughts on various mom and life related topics!
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2 Responses to A Job for Buster!

  1. Abby says:

    Hah! What a good dog! I have the opposite problem – it takes forever for me to get my beagle out of bed in the morning. He’s content to sleep until 10-11am if we let him. And then there’s the ritual of stretch, yawn, stretch, yawn, roll, stretch, scratch, lick… 20 minutes of that while I’m trying to take him for a walk! I’m pretty sure he has the spirit of a grouchy teenager in his little beagle body.

  2. bacurran says:

    Hi Abby and yes he is a good dog but I think he has an old soul. He’s only 17 months but he’s not an out of control pup…pretty lay back for the most part although he loves to have you chase him. He knows exactly what items to grab in order to get your attention…too funny. Sounds like your beagle and my 8 year old daughter have a lot in common!!!

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