It’s funny…in the 70’s we watched sitcoms about the 50’s and in the 90’s we watch comedies about the 70’s. So now that we are in the second decade of the new millennium, are we going to want to watch a show about the 1990’s?

 And what would a sitcom about the 1990’s look like?

Here’s my take…

The show would be set in  D.C. with two FBI agents investigating extraterrestrials and paranormal events. The characters in the sitcom resemble the blue collar cast of “Roseanne” only dressed in a variety of attire from Punk to Gap, and the females, with the possible exception of the Darlene-like character, would all be sporting the hair styling’s of Jennifer Aniston. Various stars of “Saved by the Bell” rotate through the episodes while wearing cargo pants and Capri’s and sipping coffee fom giant mugs. The tune to “Smelly Cat” is hummed by every cast member as they search for the nearest payphone to call Jerry Seinfeld so they could place their orders for Kramer’s coffee table book which actually doubles as a coffee table! Murphy Brown (who did not inhale) is in the Oval Office (recently redecorated by Grace Adler) delivering State of the Union addresses all beginning with two snaps in a circle and a very loud and obnoxious Waasssuuup?

The 1990’s…all that and a bag of chips….yeah Baaaby!!!


About bacurran

I am a stay-at-home mom living in Hunterdon county NJ and I take care of my husband, two children and a great big giant black dog! This blog is a combination of snip-its from my daily life as a mom along with some of my thoughts on various mom and life related topics!
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2 Responses to Wassup?

  1. rob says:

    HAHAHA!! You write very well! I love the review of the 90’s sitcom!! I am a HUGE Seinfeld fan!!! Almost as much as the stooges!

  2. bacurran says:

    Me too Rob…thanks for the comment!

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