I can’t believe he tried to eat the whole thing!

 OK…I have to make comment on a TV. Show I watched last night called Man vs. Food.  A friend of mine raved about this show and strongly urged me to try to catch it sometime. Well last night was the night and can I say I’m sorry I caught it at all!

The show airs on the travel channel on Wednesdays with actor and television personality Adam Richman. First let me say that I love food and cooking and I am not any kind of vegetarian/vegan or the “I only eat gourmet” type. Hey I’m a fan of good old down home cooking as much as the next person, but in last night’s episode some of the food that Adam Richman put down totally nauseated me. One of the things I watched him eat was a Cuban sandwich. This thing was made with about a third of a pound of ham, another third pound of roasted pork and about a quarter pound of cheese, all topped off with some sort of orange sauce that really looked disgusting ,and  put on this giant roll to be baked pizza style. Then Adam and the restaurant owner tried to consume this sandwich.  I say “try” only because it was so big that no human mouth could possibly get around the whole thing in order to take a single bite!

But I stayed with the show thinking maybe it was a fluke that I didn’t care for that particular clip and that it will get better. I did do a little channel surfing during commercials but when I came back to the program I was appalled by the next thing I saw. This Adam guy was planning on downing a 48 ounce T-bone steak in just 20 minutes! He was at Don Shula’s Steak house in Miami Florida and supposedly a very minute number of people have actually been  able to finish off this steak let alone in the time frame Adam set for himself!

I kept thinking as I began to watch him eat three pounds of beef, “Does this guy have some sort of death wish? How can you eat like this and not think that it is going to affect your heath? He’s not exactly in great shape despite the fact that he reportedly works out twice a day while on the road for the taping of the show. I don’t care how much you work out, you can’t eat like this for extended periods of time and think that crap isn’t accumulating somewhere in you arteries and intestines, or that you are possibly overtaxing your liver running the risk of developing gallstones from eating too much fat.”

And as he’s cutting and chewing the meat you start to see beads of sweat begin to form on his forehead. So now I am watching this overweight, sweaty guy force down 3 pounds of almost raw meat, while fans, including some cheerleaders probably from a local high school or college, clap and cheer him on to finish this colossal amount of beef.

It was all my stomach could take…I literally wanted to vomit for him! I can’t tell you whether or not he was able to beat his challenge and finish it all off because I flipped that channel as fast as possible to get my mind off of that grotesque image. Then I found Bobby Flay doing a sloppy Joe throw down, and my stomach actually stopped churning.

So will I take another stab at watching Man vs. Food…probably not.  I don’t think I could put myself through that again. I’ll stick with Bobby and his throw downs for the time being…and I will make a mental note to avoid the Travel channel and Adam Richman on Wednesday nights at 9pm.

Sorry…it’s just not my cup of tea!


About bacurran

I am a stay-at-home mom living in Hunterdon county NJ and I take care of my husband, two children and a great big giant black dog! This blog is a combination of snip-its from my daily life as a mom along with some of my thoughts on various mom and life related topics!
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