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A Picture from Michael

“Michael…show Uncle Charlie your costume!” Michael walks over sporting his Batman costume minus the hood and cape which he forgot to bring. Charlie looks and him and smiles. We visitied for a little while and then at one point Michael … Continue reading

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The Boo-Boo

Micheal comes into the living room this morning crying because he and Grace had a fight. “Mom…look at what Gracie did.” He holds out his arm to show me his boo boo. I look at Grace. She is standing there … Continue reading

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The Halloween Song

As a result of my mother’s prompting…here is the Halloween song we wrote together when I was in second grade. I can only give you the words since the tune is an original…this is for you MOM!!! THE HALLOWEEN SONG by Barbara and Mom Zimmerman … Continue reading

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                                                         BATMAN MICHAEL!!!

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               I love this time of the year. I admire the amazing array of colors, I find them so warm and comforting. The feel of the cool air which carries the sound of rustling leaves as the wind takes them up towards the sky … Continue reading

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The Diaper Days…

                                                    “Micky Michael Man” I can’t believe it has been over 3 years since I’ve change a diaper…in the most obvious of ways I’m glad that’s over…but retrospectively, I can’t believe the diaper days have been gone for that long!!!

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She has the Look II

Today at 11:35 the phone rang and again it was the school nurse telling me Grace is in her office and now is running a fever. I had the discussion with Grace this morning about school because again she was … Continue reading

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